New Digital Signage Companies

Two weeks ago I attended a digital signage boot camp in Chicago put on by Ingram Micro. Several of the key suppliers were there to introduce their latest products. I have attended several of these in the last couple of years because I find them a great way to keep up with what’s going on and all the new products being developed for the industry. The industry leaders have been reporting that there are a lot of new companies entering the digital signage business and that’s what I have been observing at these boot camps and other conferences. Most of the re-sellers there came from the IT or audio/video industry and were new to digital signage.

Being new to digital signage did not seem to slow down most of these companies. I was very impressed with the number of projects they were selling and how creative they were. I have been in the digital signage industry for a long time but I still learned a lot from the new guys. I have always thought it really helps to be creative to sell digital signage and I’m now seeing proof of that. They seem to start out selling small projects in creative ways and then growing to larger projects as they gain experience. I think this is a solid way to start. I read a post from an industry expert recently that stated “some times you have to break some rules to be successful”. Maybe he is right. Many of these guys haven’t even learned the rules yet, but that does not seem to be slowing them down.

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