Digital Menu Boards for Single Unit Operators or Small Chains.

Street cafe outdoor terrace business lunch scene with waitress taking order flat banner print abstract vector illustration. Editable EPS and Render in JPG format

Do you own or operate one to ten restaurants and think you are too small to justify using digital menu boards or any of the other new technology communication systems? I have met many of you that have been in business for a while who think that, but I just don’t get it. Most of the new concepts with plans for expansion start out with digital but the more established operators and startups without plans for expansion resist making the change. Some of the major reasons I hear are “It’s too expensive”, “I don’t have the technical people”, “It’s too complicated”, I’m too small” and others.

I have been in the old style and digital menu board business for four decades now and if I were to open a restaurant, small or large, there is no question I would go with digital. It would be much easier and cheaper for me to buy an LCD screen and a media player and develop my own content than it would to buy an old-style board and have the content developed and printed for one restaurant. Plus, it would also be much quicker, easier and less expensive to make changes to my content. It would also give me the capability to use new apps to communicate with my customers on their cell phones and other devices.

As far as the “too complicated” reason, once you start working with it you will find it less complicated than the old style. When you think about the other reason of not having the technical people, even many of the large chains don’t have such people.

If you are a single unit operator and would be interested in a webinar to explain how to do this please let me know.






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