How do you develop new products?

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I enjoy meeting with customers and prospects to discuss their needs and major problems. Most salespeople I know like to meet prospects and clients in their offices. If they are smart they will at least do a survey of one or more sites before their meeting so they will know what they are talking about. Sometimes that is the only choice but I have found it is much more effective for both parties to meet away from the office at a site where the product will be used. That makes it much easier to get a complete understanding of how the product will be used and what the customer needs. It also gives you an opportunity to see how your product will fit in and operate within the system and to speak to the people actually using or operating the product.

Actually seeing a customer’s problems and needs while listening to them explain and seeing how it will be used is critical to the development of great products. It also requires a good team back in your office to get great products developed and tested. When I recall all the successful products I have developed that was the process I used.

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