What’s the Most Pressure You’ve Been under to Make a Sale?

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For me, it was a couple decades ago when I founded LSI Images, a menu board company. One Monday morning I found myself in a new office with 10 employees and a new 10,000 square foot manufacturing plant and absolutely no sales. I had to sell something quickly. I can still feel that pressure but it helped me succeed quickly. I simply had no other choice. The CEO of LSI Lighting had trusted me to do something quickly.

The first job I sold was the parking lot lighting and other lighting for Arrowhead Stadium. I also designed and sold all the menu boards for the concession stands there. We did concession stand menu boards for several other stadiums until we started receiving menu board orders from major QSR brands. The first two were Burger King and Arby’s. Within 5 years we had over 40% of the menu board business in the US. That was pressure but it was a lot of fun also.

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