Be Careful What You Sign!

I want to warn everyone to be careful what you sign and don’t make the same stupid mistake I did.

 I was having trouble with my back a few months ago so I went to an assisted stretching site here in Naples. It was owned by a company called Stretch Zone, Inc. They advertised a free session so I decided to try them. After I completed the free session the trainer asked me to join. He said it would cost me $320 per month for 8 sessions per month for their standard 3-month package. I told him I did not want to sign up for more than a month. He said he would let me sign up for one month or 8 sessions for $320 total so I agreed.

I gave him my credit card for payment. He asked me to sign the contract and it was on a small handheld device which I had to sign with my finger. He confirmed with me again that it would be only $320 total. I did not have my glasses and I could not read it on the small device. I know it was stupid of me but I signed it with my finger because he said he was emailing a copy to me right then. I planned to read it when I got home and I knew in Florida you have up to 3 days to cancel.

I did not receive a copy of the contract for at least 2 weeks after I signed it. A couple of weeks later I received a second $320 charge on my card. I called the trainer I signed up with and he told me he would have the manager give me a credit for the second $320 charge. While I was waiting for the credit I received a third $320 charge on my card. I refused the payment with Visa and cancelled my card but Visa paid it because I signed the contract.

After my first free session I scheduled a second session on Sunday. When I got there a few minutes early they were not open. Another person who was scheduled for a session following mine showed up and they still were not open. We both left. I did receive an apology and a credit for that session. I did the session a couple days later and it only lasted about half the time it was supposed to last. I did a third session with another trainer and it was the only one of the three that was worth paying anything for.

So, I have 22 remaining sessions, which I will not use and the manager said he was not allowed to give me any amount of a credit. I looked on the Internet for reviews on Stretch Zone and found one where the same thing happened to someone else. Please be careful if you use these guys for anything! You can’t trust them!

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