Meet Scott Sharon

CEO, Scott Sharon Consulting

Welcome. I am Scott Sharon, an innovator with decades of experience in the digital signage and menu board display industries. I am the CEO of Scott Sharon Consulting and the founder of START, the Strategic Technology Alliance for Restaurant and Trade. &

I am a problem solver and my career has been focused on marketing and product development. Early in my career, I became an expert in menu board and display design. I have designed numerous “firsts” in displays and menu boards as follows:

First “Lift and Drop” menu board panel system, plus an adjustable aluminum panel system still used in many of the major QSR’s today (I received a patent on this product).

The first drive-thru system used in a QSR chain (in the 1970’s) and the first order confirmation system to be used in QSR drive-thru. This product was developed with an outdoor LCD screen in the early 1990’s.
First indoor digital menu board used in a QSR chain (years before flat panel screens were developed).

I designed and developed one of the first successful content development and management software programs to be used in the digital signage industry.

Since developing the order confirmation system more than 2 decades ago, I have worked with several major LCD manufacturers and several custom LCD display fabricators helping them develop a reliable, low cost outdoor digital menu board for use in QSR drive-thrus.

Following are examples of my designs in the restaurant market:

Burger King indoor sliding boards and rotating drive-thru boards, toppers, and interior light boxes.
KFC and several other Yum Brands indoor and outdoor menu boards.
McDonald’s drive-thru board. Starbucks and Subway interior boards.
Popeye’s and Arby’s interior and drive-thru boards. The new Chick-fil-A menu boards.
Several smaller chains.

Here I will share with you some of my experience gained in the industry. I hope you enjoy my posts and find them useful:

Why do large chains have more difficulty getting Digital Menu Boards right than small chains?

Digital Menu Board Basics

Will the VARs Dissappear in the Digital Menu Board Business?

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