When Will Our Economy Improve?

Many of us have been working hard on the development of digital menu boards (and digital signage) and investing capital for several years because we believe they are valuable marketing/merchandising tools. Now that the products have been developed and ready for implementation it’s very frustrating to learn that their use is being delayed because of the bad economy and the lack of capital. This is only one small example. The same is true of many other hard working people and the exciting new products they develop. What’s even more frustrating is the realization that this economic mess is brought upon us by the public’s inability to elect competent leaders to lead this country. Instead of electing capable and moral leaders we elect the most skilled politicians whose only ambition is to keep getting re-elected once they are in office. In the business world if corporate leaders don’t perform they get replaced. How much damage does our country have to suffer before people wake up and start electing capable leaders?

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