Growth of Digital Signage Industry


I read reports frequently about the size of the digital signage industry and it’s expected growth. However, I never hear anyone include the digital sign billions of people carry around with them and interact with constantly; their cell phone. Shouldn’t that be consider a digital sign? Other than being carried around in a pocket or purse instead of installed on a wall, it’s the same. It may not be included because the sales dollars are included in another industry but to me it’s simply a personal digital sign. I believe all of us in the digital signage industry need to be aware of this and include it as another device our customers can use to download our content.

It’s incredible how much people today rely on their cell phones for communication and information. If you’re in any part of the digital signage business I think you should be seriously considering how to best get information on that device. We also have to make sure it is content the phone owner wants to receive and it’s useful and effective.
When you think about it the cell phone is now the primary device everyone uses to get the information they want and to communicate with each other. So it’s obvious that’s one place where all business owners should have their information available. However, since that’s everyone’s personal device instead of a public device, we have to be very careful not to clutter it with spam or unwanted information. The content has to be something the phone owner wants to see.

The cell phone is also used with beacon location devices and all the order and pay ahead applications. It’s now an important part of the communication process. That’s why many of us are working so hard at developing applications, texting and payment systems, location devices and other methods of connecting our customers with their consumers (mostly consumers). If it’s done right it will be very useful to the consumer, provide an easier more pleasant experience and provide extra profit and growth for our customers.

This is just one more example of how technology changes everything. It creates new industries, eliminates others and melds some together. That makes it more difficult to record, keep up with or even classify. However, if we don’t keep up with it and learn how to use it some of our competitors will and they will have a huge advantage.

Do you ever wonder what our industry will be like in ten, or even five years? Will holograms replace the LCD screens? Will the cell phone be incorporated into our eye glasses? Just stop and think how our methods of communication have changed in the past twenty years. People don’t write on paper any more, they type on a phone or computer keyboard. Will voice recognition eliminate that? The possibilities are exciting!

Scott Sharon, CEO START.

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